Will You Be Watching?

It is less than 24 hours to the beginning of the 2016 Summer Olympics!  Will you be watching?

The Olympics are a couch potatoes answer to getting outside and doing their own exercise.  After all who wants to miss any of the details of the sports that are being covered for the next 10 days?

The Summer Olympics are just what they say they are, you will not find one snowflake or one ice surface (unless it’s in a CaiPerinho, the official drink of my Brazil), there will be no ice dance, hockey, luge or cross country skiing. What you will see is lots of water, sand, surf and more.  I know my other half is anxiously awaiting the start of these games, he will be watching intently I’m sure.

Summer Olympics cover sports that are done on land and sea, with lots of swimming, diving, sailing, canoeing any sport that has to do with water and I’m sure that the Bathing suits will also be a prominent sight seeing event as well, but I digress.

Besides the water sports, there will also be sports like Wrestling, Judo, Fencing, Badminton, Volleyball and more.  

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Field Sports in the Olympics 2016

There will be at least 41 different categories of sports covered in these Olympic Games.  They will move through the alphabet from A to W…..sorry there are no sports starting with “XYZ”.  

You will see everything from Archery to Wrestling and everything in between.  There are 41 different categories and many of those categories are subdivided again.  So the total number of sports included depends on who you ask and how they have divided up the categories.  Let’s just say that there is something there for everyone.  

Olympics, Brazil, 2016, track and field

Track and Field 2016 in Brazil


I know that I will be watching with extra pride, even though I haven’t lived in Brazil in a long, long time, I was born there and I know the people to be friendly, engaging and warm.  There are many beautiful sights to be seen in Rio and the beach is just one of them. 

With the venues of the Olympics being spread out over four different areas, I hope that the world gets a glimpse at the beauty that is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   I hope they also take the time to see other parts of Brazil too.  It is a big country with a host of beauty all around. 

Rio de Janeiro,  truly is a World Class City, Will you Be Watching????

Rio Getting Ready, Will you be Watching? (You Tube Link)



  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I’m not much of a sports fan, so I typically don’t watch any of the big games. I might tune in for ice dancing in the winter, or for some of the gymnastics or something. But generally, no. I don’t care to watch the Olympics. They aren’t what they used to be at all.

  2. Olivia Morris Post author

    GL Brown, I like the winter Olympics too, but find myself drawn to some of the summer games. I love to watch the divers….and the opening and closing ceremonies.

  3. Olivia Morris Post author

    Hi Kyla, I’m not a big sports fan either. I have a few venues that I like, but that’s it. I love to watch the opening and closing of the games though. I always find it mesmerizing and enchanting somehow.

  4. Gina145

    I’ll watch the tennis and gymnastics when I’ve got time, and other than that I’ll watch a few of the sportsmen from my country (South Africa) if they’re medal contenders.

  5. Olivia Morris Post author

    Gina, how wonderful to cheer on your country. I get torn between three countries. I was born in Brazil, so naturally want to see them do well, but I am a Swiss citizen, because my parents were both Swiss and now I am a naturalized Canadian. So I cheer for a lot of different people. And you know what? When I see someone from another country doing well, I cheer them on too! I don’t watch daily, maybe catch up on the news of the day…..but I love the opening and closing ceremonies.

    1. Gina145

      It’s much easier for me because I’ve only got one country to support. Aside from Olympic sport I watch tennis when I get the chance, but mostly I support the South African cricket team.

  6. Fifi Leigh

    I will watch it, and i will try to blog a summary for each day. i have been in Rio in August 1985. i was nice there. i met lots of people and did lots of shopping at Barra Mall as well as went on tours and saw landmarks like the Jesus statue. i hope nothing bad happens there because of politics.

  7. Dawn Rae

    I meant to watch the opening ceremony. However, I nodded off soon after they started. Oops! I always watch some of the different sports.

  8. Olivia Morris Post author

    Dawn Rae, I couldn’t get my TV going. I was going to watch on line while I did other things on my other screen. Alas, the new cable we just installed did not want to work for me. So I missed it altogether. I did catch up on replays though….

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