Without a Paddle Movie Analysis

Thursday, August 04, 2016

As I watch this movie on cable, I notice that it reminds me of that Hunger Games Parody movie.  Parody movies are based on regular movies in order to make fun of their stupid scenes. And, I remember that the Hunger Games Parody movie had similar scenes from this movie as well as scenes from original Hunger Games.

The Without a Paddle movie starts out with three guys, who are the main characters in this film, which is similar to the Hunger Games Parody, where three guys suddenly find themselves in a Hunger Games fantasy plot and they need to find a way to escape.

In Without a Paddle movie, the three guys attend their friend’s funeral. The funeral wakes them up to life and death, and they want to go on a road trip together, which reminds me of Motorcycle Diaries movies, but these three guys go in a four-wheel drive jeep that works.

They go on a canoe trip through a scenic nature scene, which reminds me of the panoramic America the Beautiful show in Disneyland. As they make their camp, one of them acts like he is on the Survivor reality show, as he tries to make a campfire. They meditate on their campfire, careers, and making money. They also discuss marriage, and if it is worth the headache. Their Survivor adventure starts, as a bear abducts one of the three guys, and the remaining two figure out a way to save their friend from the bear. After they escape they bear, they encounter crazy men in a boat. They continue their canoe journey, rowing to their next adventure. They accidentally take a wrong turn, and row into a waterfall, which tips over their canoe and they try to survive a drowning experience. They finally reach land, and they argue together about how they got lost, which is similar to the scene in Blair Witch Project. As they continue their journey, but now on foot, they reach someone’s camp. They notice an area in this camp filled with marijuana, and some is packaged. One of the three tries to steal a large marijuana package, but they get caught. They are chased through the forest by two bulky biker-looking men and their two Rotteweillers.

The three guys escape the two men by hiding in a swamp. The two men decide to hunt down the three guys. The three guys climb a tree, and they spot a treehouse with two sexy hippie women. They hang out with the two hippie women in their treehouse. They notice the women have a CB radio for contacting the outside world, and they decide to contact help. But they accidentally connect with the two men, in which the three guys aren’t aware of it yet.

The three guys escape again, but in their underwear, and they drive off with one of the men’s car, while the other two chase them with the other small army jeep. This chase ends with the three guys in the river. Back on the land, they look like Survivor contestants arguing together about their frustration. It starts to rain on them, which looks similar to the Survivor storms.

They encounter a mountain man, who holds them captive. They think he is DB Cooper, but he denies it and gives them some clothes. He connects with them and tells them stories about why he left civilization, preferring to hide out in the mountains in solitude.

As one guy goes outside to take a piss, he finds his cell phone in bear shit, and it apparently still works.

The two men catch up to them, and the mountain man fights them off until they leave. They three guys continue their walking journey until they fall into a large hole in the ground. They notice a parachute and other items, which they automatically guess that it might belong to DB Cooper, especially when the see a skeleton nearby. They have an awakening and throw certain negative items with DB Cooper because they are now ready to move on, go home, and more forward in life.

The two guys convince their small friend to crawl through a mine shaft in order to save them and get help. Meanwhile, the two big men catch up with them, and they wait for the small guy at the other end of this underground tunnel mine shaft. The small guy escapes out, but the other two guys fight with the two men until the sheriff shows up. He helps all the men get out of the mine shaft, but they soon notice that the two burly men are the sheriff’s  employees.

After they escape the three men, they return home and become local heroes. They run into the mountain man, who has now returned to civilization and he gives them DB Cooper’s parachute as well as a huge leather bag filled with lots of money. The mountain man plans to give DB Cooper’s skeleton a proper burial. One of the guys decides to propose to his girlfriend, while the other one gets one of the sexy hippie women. The third guy is a Boys Scout Troop Leader.



  1. Pat Z Anthony

    We saw this movie when it was still on the new side. It was not our favorite movie ever, but we thought it had some interesting moments. Love the characters.

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