Woke Up with a Gunshot Sound

Since I ended my online earning activity at 12 in the morning earlier, I was sleeping the whole day. I do not know what is happening at home as I was in a deep sleep until I heard a gunshot. I woke up with a gunshot sound. I heard one shot first and I don’t know if that is the first shot, then 3 continuous shot plus the screaming of the people in the neighborhood. My first response is to look for my father. He was watching television and was scared. I assembled my dogs near me and I told them to lie on the ground face down. But it seems that the shot finally ended when I woke up. I can’t move and go near the window because I will not know what happened next. There was a commotion happening and waking up from the bed it means I am partially conscious. I remember my mother going home during that time. I texted my siblings not to let her go home for the meantime as there are situations here in the neighborhood. 

After a while, I went to the window and there are lots of people flocking in the middle, talking about what happened. I can see on their faces the traces of shock. Everyone for sure are having weak legs because I was feeling it too during that time. What I learned from their story was that there were six men when to our neighborhood. They are all wearing a bonnet to hide their faces. They shot one of our neighbor multiple times and left the crowd. Everyone who was outside our house saw it. They are all talking to each other. Right now I heard that the victim died already in the hospital. Who will survive with a multiple shot anyway? 

That is not my ideal way of waking up, never in my life. 

Image credit to https://pixabay.com/en/gun-hand-gun-weapon-pistol-615237/


  1. Grecy Garcia Post author

    I am still scared, still feel weak and my legs are still shaking. I guess this will limit people from getting out of their house now.

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