Men, Women and Violence: Is an Abusive Man a Real Man?






A real man should never intend to hurt a woman physically or emotionally because that really shows that he was a coward man. Especially hurting and yelling his own children.

I really feel angry with any man whose habit is to hurt a woman, especially with irresponsible men. Well, I guess you should wear a skirt because you are not a real man!

Women nowadays are smarter than an abusive man might think. Many women know the law. They are aware that the laws protect them from being abused by men with violence – both physically and emotionally.

Women, you should know your rights. If you are being hurt by your husband or partners, you can complain and ask help from the police women’s desk. You can file charges and have the police put this coward man in jail.

Know your rights. Do not be afraid to fight for your rights, because women should be loved and not hurt emotionally or physically by coward men.

How shameful it is that this kind of men exists! It’s terrible that there are men who only know how to be violent to women and children.

A real father should be a good example to his family. He should love and take care of his family, and not be irresponsible towards his family.


    1. Kyuminette Post author

      Yes right I just wonder why some people needs to abuse and to be violent with others, if it thus makes them happy ?

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