WordPress security best practices

One sub set field of information security is website security. Website is the face of any person or organisation. People reach to website to learn something new or gather latest concentrated information. That is why complete security of website should be a must as you as webmaster should not wish that your website should infect user’s computer. Most in these cases in the long run you could face the possible impact of complete blacklisting of website and that should be bad to worse for you in the long run.

Once it is blacklisted by Google then ultimately the flow of traffics into yours website comes to a great halt and that should be the biggest worrying factors for you and for this it is important to understand to create a good and nice website that should be complete secure and should provide awesome ways to present the visitors the informations they wish from yours site. Security is a complex mechanisms and no doubt what ever you do such as hiring server side firewall with reverse proxies still you should find that it should not be a full proof security.

Security concerns with people, processes and technology. On the technology front owner of website servers does the rest and you should not be worried about it at all on the other side when we reach towards attending the basic performance of website and loading times of website then we could find that in such scenarios the presentable and the rendering of web page matters the most. There are many web applications firewall such as site lock, scurry and others. These works in the principle of reverse proxies and with the addition of cName into its DNS settings it completely reroute the website in its own server and checks every visitors before allows to see the page.

Do not forget to add your own internet protocol address to white list of such web applications firewalls. Most of times these internet protocol address could be visible at the top of cPanel which is the back end server of website and then add this to console of web application firewall so that whenever you need to login to website these security firewall should not block you. Then, go for complete automated back up solutions such as code guard so that it should automatically back up website for complete security.

Backing up website does provide huge form of security and a complete protections against surge of website when it becomes down and it automatically install the best available version and that should make yours website run with complete control and live once again without losing any of yours databases. Do not use any of security plugins that could be installed from front end of word press. Front end of word press is known as word press administrator. The plugins installed from it especially the security plugins does work whenever your website is secure and this goes on to show that these plugins are not necessary.

Some of the plugins can edit the security and file permissions which is not good for website as most of these security parameters when compromised through such third party plugins could affect performances or could provide some of the most difficult part of understanding how the website runs. If you wish to have a complete security then it is better to go for hardware security which is the server side security and could provide possibly the most anticipated form of understanding of how a website could run and secure through the use of reverse proxies.


  1. Vinaya

    I have plugins installed from the wordpress front end. You say this does not work. Do we have to look for paid program?

    1. Vinaya

      You mean in order to secure my wordpress sites,I need to install security system on my cpanel instead of wordpress sites?

  2. Mohan Manohar Mekap Post author

    @vinaya yes that should be full proof security. Plugins can insecure wordpress sites as they are from third party developers. Also it cannot work when site is infected, as plugins files installed within theme files inside back end or cPanel and whenever site is hacked that file got corrupted.

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