Working From Home- Not always a joy ride!

I have seen so many posts about working from home and making money, that I decided to put my two cents in 🙂 I  have been working from home for the past 5+ years after an back injury and I couldn’t work.  When I first started, I was naive and got sucked into all those “get rich schemes” and lost a lot of money because it. Some people make it look so easy, but in reality it is not.  Working from home takes a lot of hard work, passion and and dedication.

There are so many factors to successfully making money while working from home. You can’t just jump onto the “working from home bandwagon” and expect to start making money overnight. No matter what you are doing; blogging, writing, affiliate marketing, your own online store, etc it takes a long time before you start seeing real profit. Not saying you want make a little money, but to get really financial stable it can take up to an year or longer.  Here are some tips that I learned along the way that I hope could help:


  1. Find what you love. If you don’t love what your doing, then you will quickly get bored with it. If you love to write, then write. If you love to do crafts or graphic designs, then do that. It will make you work much harder and drive you to become successful.
  2. Treat it as an 9 to 5 job. Treat it like you would an regular job. Get up everyday and put those hours into it. Even though a lot of people don’t agree, working from home is A JOB! Treat as such. 
  3. Find your own quiet place to work. I know this tip could be a little difficult, especially with kids. But, you need to have your own space to really sit down and work your business.  Even if it’s a couple hours a day. Distractions can be a killer. So let your family know and hopefully they can be supportive.
  4. Advertise,advertise,advertise.. The key to any online business is traffic! People can not find you, unless you get you and your business out there. Be active in social media, forums and other advertising outlets. Find what works and stick with it. Let people get to know YOU and not just your business or product. Building relationships is such a big factor in being successful working from home and online.
  5. Never give up! Always keep in the back of your mind that it takes time to start making money. The harder and longer you push and work your business, the closer you are to seeing real results. Just imagine the satisfaction and achievement you will feel when that day comes.

There are so many more tips to working from home, but these are the few that really hit home for me.  I am still working towards my success and will keep doing so. I hope others will as well.  Just remember to keep plugging away and always do what you love. Never settle for something that you expect gonna make you rich. 


    1. Pat Z Anthony

      Most we know who work at home seem to work 24/7! While we know that is not really how many hours they work, it seems they are always doing something that has to do with their home business/employment, doesn’t it?

  1. Pat Z Anthony

    One of the most important things for those working at home seems to be picking the hours and staying with it. Most work at various times, which can be overwhelming for some.

  2. Marie Edgerly Post author

    @patzanthony Very true, I did not to think of adding that 🙂 That is my problem, I don’t stick to certain hours. But I am hoping once I get my office set up tommorrow I can start getting into an routine. My problem is overwork myself.

  3. Jo Pin

    With my spinal cord condition I too have to rely on home-based job and it has been my pride for 5 years too. I also do writing job that requires me to report on a weekly basis outside my comfort zone but everything is beneficial and I can’t complain.

  4. Marie Edgerly Post author

    @pentalks Same with me with my back injury. I will admit it’s been a tough road and I still haven’t made a whole lot of money. But I am still working at it 😉 What writing job do you do? Yes, working out your comfort zone can be challenging, but also rewarding once you do it.

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