How Rewarding is Your Job? An Eternal Question…

Why Do We Work?

We need to work, don’t we? Why do we work? You must be having many answers. Is your answer among these ones? You work to earn money. Maybe it is to secure the future. I work just for the heck of it. You can tell us why you work. Which company do you work for?

Somebody is saying, “Stop! You are prying into my private life.” I may have crossed the boundary, yet, do not stop. Read on. There is a company which never crossed your mind.


A Unique Company with a Unique CEO

There is the company of God. In this company Jesus is the CEO. One is hired in this company by signing the contract with His blood. Every morning one has to wake up and carry his own cross. One has to do all chores which include faithfulness, humility, love, kindness and others. What more does one need?


Do We Have Payment In the Company?

In the company, all that endure to the end receive payment. Alas, no! It is not in dollars, Euros, pounds or rupees. I can see the interest of many getting lost. We need payment in money form. Yet money in this form gets spent, gets stolen and ages. In God’s company, you are paid in everlasting life. We need eternity in a sort of utopia. Where one does not hunger nor thirst. The money we work for is to buy these. Eons never end nor perish. That is where I long to be and that is the more reason that makes me work in God’s company.


Another Unique Company?

Alongside God’s company there exists another company. This one is smaller in power to God’s but very dangerous. The workers are trained to work the opposite of God. Where there is love they sow hate and discord. They preach all the vices described in dictionaries. Whose company can this be? Who belongs to this company? I hope not you.


Payment in this Company

There is payment in this company too. One is paid with eternal damnation. The day will come when all will be paid according to the company you worked for. The workers of the second will be thrown into the lake of fire.

Here are two of the many companies we have. Which company do you work for?



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  1. Gil Camporazo

    You have a good analogy. Working God doesn’t need a thing that is physical, degree, talent or intelligence. It takes just a faith like the mustard seed to work with Him. And you will be responsible for all your mistakes, shortcomings. You will suffer the consequences of your wrong doings. If y ou persist of doing good and endure to the end, you will have an eternal life which is difficult to achieve, but it is possible.

  2. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    hope we are working for god’s company, if we do good we get the good results and if we do anything wrong we get results accordingly and for our work we are getting the suitable reward

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