World Smile Day and Kylie Jenner

On the first Friday of October, World Smile Day will be celebrated and this year, October 7, 2016, Kylie Jenner is involved. The day is intended to be a celebration that is shared by everyone around the world. World Smile Day will be and has been on the first Friday of October since the first celebration of this day. 

What is the point of World Smile Day?

World Smile Day was started by Harvey Ball, who was also the person who created the Smiley Face so many of us are familiar with today. Although Harvey Ball created the Smiley Face in 1963, the first World Smile Day did not take place until 1999.

Some might celebrate World Smile Day by sharing on social media by using the hashtag symbol with the words of the day: #WorldSmileDay It is hoped that everyone will be sharing their smile that first Friday in October.

Since 1963, many have used the Smiley Face in various ways. The Smiley Face is found in the form of stickers as well as on pens and papers, clothing items and so much more. After the death of Harvey Ball in 2001, the foundation named for him and the day of celebration, “Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation” was formed. The group also uses the slogan “Improving this world, one smile at a time.”
How is Kylie Jenner involved?

Kylie Jenner has unveiled a new cosmetic lip product that is available in limited quantities. Some readers might be aware that Kylie Jenner will donate all of the proceeds made from this new item to Smile Train. This group is a charity that helps those in need of surgery due to cleft lips and palates. On World Smile Day, Jenner will be at the Empire State Building to help light the building in the colors used by Smile Train, which are blue and red.
Can we improve the world by participating in World Smile Day? 
It can’t hurt to try to make World Smile Day and every day more pleasant by sharing a smile. It costs nothing to smile, even when we think the person on the receiving side won’t smile back at us. 
It was reported that Harvey Ball was concerned about the way the Smiley Face symbol he created was being used commercially. Ball thought everyone could have one day each year sharing smiles and acts of kindness, but may not have realized some would be using his Smiley Face symbol in manners that we see today.

If you visit the site of World Smile Day:
While visiting the site for World Smile Day, readers will note that this is a non-profit group. The site has places to donate to their organization, as well as offers items for sale with that famous Smiley Face. However, this article is not intended to promote those activities, but to inform readers about the World Smile Day.


Be aware that this writer is not connected with any of the sites mentioned in this information and does not promote any of the products made available on such sites.




    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      It would be nice if people realized that smiling just puts everyone in a better mood.

    2. Gil Camporazo

      Smile could make a magic and it could heal the world. I remember a line that says “frown and you frown alone. Smile and the world smiles at you.”

  1. Jo Pin

    The smile is very infectious, whether it will be received well or not, the fact that you shared a little kindness through smiling it will surely make a big difference. I am smiling now Pat! 😉

  2. Gil Camporazo

    I realize the importance of smile when I was studying in high school sometime in late 60s. I heard Nat King Cole’s song with the lyrics that say “Smile though your heart is aching/, Smile even though it’s breaking/… You’ll find that life is still worthwhile/ If you just smile.”

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