Would You Turn Your Head Behind After Your Success?

I am not really a sociable kind of person since I was fledgling because I chose only to those who I feel comfortable. In spite of that, I had two close friends in my elementary days. It is typical to any relationship to encounter misunderstandings, and yes, we had, but later, the three of us were open to forgiving and forget.

Once, our granny reminded to avoid loving the same man as it usually happens to a relationship like friendship. It didn’t fall because while we grew up, they were changed. There are times we can meet in the same place, but it is disheartening that seems like we never had those moments earlier. Anyway, life goes on.

When I was stepping in a high school journey, I gained another friend that was beyond my expectation. I was really a shy gal. I just opened my mouth when someone asks me. We were first friends from 2nd-year high school until 4th year to the fact that we were specified in the same classroom. During the opening class of June, she used to tell me not to go to another section if both of us might be separated. It happened one time, but she picked to be with me in the classroom I was charged. I had many friends still even if I was a shy lass, but she was special to my heart. I had many friends who used to defend me when I was bullied and in times of downs. There were those friends who took me advantage because I never asked return when they needed help. There were those friends that helped me when I thought those impossible solutions. One of those friends is Rhealyn Dupalco. I never thought that 9 years after high school, the Rhealyn in the past has been the same until now. Do you know? There was a time I thought I can’t go back home since I myself never had a fare and also my younger sister. Rhealyn serves as my wallet. She was also my keeper for the beans I spilled and one that understands me when there is a mistake I made. There are many things we like in common, a reason why I am satisfied to have only one best friend in high school. She was selfish to another, but not to me, especially on Mathematics subject, as this subject is my greatest weakness. I am ever more appreciative that God has given me a kind of friend like her, even if I am unfriendly. I am beholden to have a mate not for what I have, but in times of what I have not.


I am homesick to study back in high school. Because of this nostalgic feeling, I was searching my high school friends on Facebook last week. I was delighted to find them and added as friends. Some have created their own family while others are upholding their success. Others are seemed to be a black horse because of their mischievous days at that stage of education.

I am astonished by the success they have gained, but it is disappointing to feel that seems like they never met or know me. They have their own career now, but it is oppressing to know that they have forgotten their past easily. One of them is a model, one is working abroad, and the other one is working as a mall’s supervisor. They have made  the biggest changes in their lives, a thing that their family should be proud of. The happiness I felt to see their transformations was immeasurable. Personally, I sent them a message, but all I can see is the “seen” on my chat box. If you would be successful in your life, would you do the same? What or how do you feel if you were in my place?

I am just a simple and an ordinary person. Like them, I am also an optimistic one, yet I would be hurt to encounter an experience like this. I may not have them for me who merely ignore me after their success, but my Almighty Father is very good to me since I have my sisters and a true friend that listen to me on my sentiments and burdens.

When I shared this circumstance to my elder sister, I’ve learned to neglect the oppression and distress, but instead be happy with their achievement. Our Almighty Father would be happier to see us loving our fellow even they do not love us back because God is love.

“But I tell you this: Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” Mathew 5:44

We should love the people that hate us. We are all brothers and sisters. We should be happy to their success and pray for their mercy and grace. In the other words, they have drowned in the physical influences and they never knew the truth. They believe that our Jesus Christ is our King, our Lord, and our savior, but their faith is not enough as they are veiled by the rascal society and are misinformed of the truth.

God is very good to me for giving me friends who have not changed after their success. I can survive to live the world without friends, but having them is a big bonus that I give thanks every day. Gaining 100 friends or more than that isn’t that tough, but can we determine which one of them has a pure heart? Can we know who among of these 100 friends are true?

Remember that gaining colleagues isn’t that difficult to do. By just greeting a simple “hello,” we can have friends. Though, it is difficult in finding a true companion who is constantly there not because of our good looks, our higher background standard, and money. A real friend is someone who likes us for what is within our soul and in times of emptiness. A real friend is someone that loves us and cherishes us for having us in their lives. A real friend is someone that we can share our personal stories and can keep our secrets. Most of all, a real friend is one that encourages us to do the things that can make us good, even if we do not like it to do. The conclusion, it is necessary to determine the heart than by what we can see.

Several years ago, God had picked David to reign His land as a King and Saul was replaced. Samuel picked Saul to dominate because of his good looks. After all, God decided to listen to the heart than the physical perspective, then the land was in a good control.

Truly, our eyes are sinners than our ears. The most important are what we can hear and feel than what we can see. If you would look for a true friend, listen to what you hear and avoid basing to what you can see. When God came to the earth, He chose to be friends with those in a low standard people than those who are wealthy and prominent.



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