WoW My Writers Are Here

My writers mean my friends and fellow writers are here and I’m so happy to have known faces here. My friends who belong to me on the social media and also fellow writers in different sites are right here and many of them connecting me here. I’m happy and excited to see them. Yesterday I invited some of my friends but funniest thing was that they already know about the blogbourne so now I’m feeling shy to invite more friends, lol.

Well, I just hope my excitement won’t go and I could earn more motivations from my writers here. My writer buddies are very much positive and also send me positive vibes and that’s why I’m still with those new writing sites. New writing sites need time to build the trust and some successfully built trust and some gone. My friend who invites me encourages me a lot to keep writing and this positive attitude of her really motivates me. I’m a guy who lost her patience soon but this is not good but once I had patience and faith. This is the negative change in me which is not good I know.

I just wish my writers will rock and get paid before dried their sweat and that’s all for make me happy.


  1. IcyBC

    It is kind of nice for me to land here and see so many familiar names! I believe the site will grow in heaps and bounce within the next week.

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