Write about Popular Topics to Get More Page Views

We would all like to just sit down and write whatever we want to write. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to do that while others need for their writing to earn an income to pay bills with. If you are trying to earn an income, then you have to think about writing topics to get more page views. It can still be fun to write and you can still write about things you enjoy.

What News Topics Are Trending?

Do you read a lot of news or watch the news on television? You don’t necessarily have to write a news article to get people interested in what you wrote. Take for instance, all of the Creepy Clown sightings going on around the US. I read all I can about it, just to keep track of what is going on. I did write a few newsy type articles about it on another site and did well in views.

I didn’t think Blog Bourne was a good place for news just yet, but I still wrote a post about the clowns. For Blog Bourne, I wrote The Creepy Clown Conspiracy as an opinion piece and expressed my thoughts and views on the clowns.

I made sure to use the words “creepy clowns” because those are the same keywords that news articles were using. By typing “creepy clown” in a search engine, my article was found right along with the news articles. To date my clown post has reached nearly 700 views right here on Blog Bourne.

Writing is Like Selling a Product

You can’t sell something people do not want to buy. Writing is the same principle. When you are thinking about topics, you have to ask yourself, “Will people want to read this?” Will anyone be searching for the information or topic you just wrote about? Has a friend recently asked you, “Hey, do you know how to (You fill in the blank)?”

If they have, then someone wants to know something that you know about. Write it down in a post and publish it. Right now, people are very worried about a hurricane. It’s big news. Do you know anything about hurricanes? How to prepare, how to survive, when to evacuate? Perhaps you would never move to an area that has hurricanes. Why?

Does your area have other natural disaster threats? The news is talking about another large earthquake possibly hitting California soon. Have you ever been in an earthquake? Write an opinion piece about earthquakes, or ideas for surviving an earthquake.

Attract Readers That Will Come Back

When you write about things that readers find interesting or they like your style, they will follow you and come back to your page, just to see what else you have written. Your goal as a writer is to attract these readers by giving them well written interesting content to read. Is it more work than just sitting down and writing whatever you want? Sure it is, but a job worth doing is worth doing well. Don’t you agree?




Write what you know!

Write what you know!


    1. Your Seldom Majesty

      Many people will read about things they are looking for, like beauty products, vitamins, even things for their pets.

    2. Gil Camporazo

      Trending news are worth to be talked about. It needs to be reacted, especially its advantages or disadvantages.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty

      It will help me to get better insight what to write about.
      I think promotion is also important to help each other.
      This article will definitely go to my Facebook.

  1. Jacky Hughes

    Sometimes, what people want to read can surprise you. I once got a lot of views on an article about marmite.

    We do need to be pragmatic on a site like this. Getting into the search engines will up site ranking.

  2. Your Seldom Majesty

    I know that writing is like selling something, in my opinion is not like a product but like the ideas.
    Interest of other people are very diverse so it will be hard to guess what people like to read about.
    I maybe decide to write about few topics to cover the genuine interest, but not all topics.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Reader may keep on reading of what a writer is expressing when it boils down to a specific topic or of interest. For example he writes about an automobile. I think would be interested in reading his article. But if he writes about Bugati, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, the readers would find interesting.

  3. Sandy KS

    I like to add a personal touch or opinion on anything I write. I do well writing on controversial trending topics. I haven’t written on anything like in awhile. I don’t think I have written anything like that on Blogbourne.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      Well what are you waiting for? LOL. Yes, I like to see a personal touch injected into articles where it works well. Its always good to check trending topics and see what you can come up with. I have gotten several good ideas from that.

  4. Sandy KS

    I have been rather busy with home improvements and such. I haven’t had the time to write like I want to. Not on my personal blog either. I didn’t write yesterday or today either.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      I don’t have near enough time to write like I want to either, so I totally understand that.

  5. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    It’s never easy decided what to write about as there are times when a subject may do great and other time when that subject may not do well. I write on spiritual, self-help, pets, and personal subjects. You may have to do a little research to know what is going to work and what is not. Sometimes it is a hit or miss thing. I have seen my dream interpretation articles do poorly on one site but do great on others.

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