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What sort of articles that you usually like to write and read? I guess we do write articles in our own ideas that will come in our mind and for sure we do also select articles to read that is interesting for us to read because we have different interest.


For me I  usually read articles which seems interesting for me that I can relate like about life which I can gain good moral lessons or something about writing, beauty tips, business ideas, parenting ,online money making, few of cooking, livelihood program, current events, entertainment, national news, international news and etc.


As long as it will catch my interest I’m sure I will click and open that article to read.Usually, also I read and interact with my closest online friends articles. I’m sure they write better than me and so that I will learn more from them also.


In regards to writing, I write if what pops up in my mind mostly I write the title on a piece of paper then I create the body of that title.I do not like to write when it’s noisy I do prefer to write alone and do not want any disturb so that I can stay focus.



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    1. Kyuminette Post author

      Success stories is interesting also Its a good motivate for us to get succeed.

    1. Kyuminette Post author

      Same here friends it adds more knowledge about cultures and traditions.

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