Writing According to My Interest

Since I have been writing for more than 2 years which started through Bubblews, I tackled different issues with my contents. However, the categories I focused on were Music and Entertainment. I have been a mainstream music enthusiast and wrote thousands of blogs in different sites. Recently, I created 3 sites on BlogJob. The main site I had focused on is Music Talks which facts about mainstream music was posted. The secondary one was Entertainment Talks, which was merely about local entertainment (and some international) industry. The third site I had written for the least was about my personal life. The same goes when I had written for Bubblews and similar sites. 


So what can be expected of me here on Blog Bourne? Writing according to what you write best would be effective. Expect write ups about music, entertainment, and some personal stuff from me. I may not be a professional writer but writing had became a part of me. I am thankful that internet has become available to everyone, and that writing sites (though not all were successful) came about and became and avenue to express what bloggers have in mind. I am in hopes that I am able to do and write here what I am used to, and be a part of this new great community.


  1. Shavkat

    I guess we both landed a good site. I do write based on my passion and interest. But I tried to be flexible and speak out through writings.

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