Writing ideas for Newbies: Not sure what to share?

If you are new to sharing your written thoughts in any manner, these ideas might help. Some here have written online for years and don’t seem to run out of thoughts to share. However, if you need some ideas, the following ideas might help you.

Share your thoughts on what is around you: What do you see outside your front windows? What things are happening in the neighborhood?

Share what you plan to do this day or week: Are you preparing to head to the beach? Mall? Church? Are you in the middle of planning a vacation or a trip to visit family and friends?

Share what you are cooking this week: Making something special? Share your recipe idea here.

Share your artwork: Do you make jewelry? Paint? Make clever things for your home? Many of us would enjoy reading about these adventures! Don’t forget to show some photos with articles like this.

Share you opinion: Are there things happening in your community people should hear ab.out? An exciting event some would like to attend? Things that disappoint you? Many would like to know what is happening where you are.

Share directions on how to do something: Do you know how to make something or do something most would like to learn? Sharing information here about such ideas could help many here.
Your turn. What will you write about today?


  1. Andria Perry

    I tend to blog about one thing but right now I have those blogs established and I don’t want to move them just yet. So for me to write here I will be blogging about something not connected at all with my blogs.

    I have one about getting off the grid, one about minimalism, one about being a landlady and one saving money.

  2. Pat Z Anthony Post author

    @andriaperry As seasoned writers, you and I will never run out of things to share! Some don’t realize that everything around them is something to talk about. Or maybe I just like to talk too much?

  3. Sandy KS

    I never lack for something to write about. I tend to stick with my niches on my blog. On sites like these I can write about anything. I like taking writing challenges and see what others can come up with on the same subject.

  4. Vinaya

    You can publish anything from personal stories to a SEO content. However, you have to remember, as long as your article is able to pull traffic from search engine,the site will continue to grow,

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      Yes, this is true. Keeping these things in mind will help the site a great deal.

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