Writing Tip: Don’t Choose Quantity Over Quality

When you write for a living like many do, you are dependent on making the most money. One would naturally think that the more you write the more you earn, right? Well to some degree this is true, but there are times that writing more could actually cause you to earn less over time. That is because when you write in a hurry, just so you can hit that publish button and move on to the next article, the quality of your writing may end up suffering.

Typos and Wrong Words

Everyone makes a mistake in their writing, that’s only human. Sometimes a writer will rely heavily on spellcheck programs to catch it for them. While they are great at catching misspelled words, the program can’t always tell if the word is wrong. If the wrong word is in the sentence, but actually spelled correctly, spellcheck programs think it’s right. So, just because you aren’t seeing any red underlines, or whatever your program uses to alert you, that doesn’t mean everything is perfect.

Articles that are full of typos and bad sentence structure will soon lose credibility with readers. How often have you made fun of a headline you saw what was obviously a typo? Admittedly, we are all human and we will immediately think, “Hmmm, who wrote that?” People associate the credibility of a writer to how well they actually write and structure their sentences.

But Isn’t That the Editors Job?

Don’t get into the line of thinking that sites have editors or moderators that are there simply to make your article look better. They are not there to change, edit and clean up everything you write. They are there to check them to make sure you are submitting good quality articles.

Yes, they may catch a few small things and change them for you, but if you repeatedly keep submitting articles full of typos, they will have to keep sending them back to you for editing. That will waste more of your time and theirs. You may find yourself looking for a new site to write on, or they may end up limiting the number of articles you are allowed to submit even more.

Writers are Responsible for Their Own Quality

One good quality article, that is well written will impress your readers more than seeing that you recently published several that are laden with typos. A reader will think that if you are in such a hurry that you can’t even bother to check for spelling or typos, maybe you don’t take the time to check your facts either.

If you are submitting to a self-publishing site there is no one to check the quality of your article before it publishes but you. The site has trusted you to publish a quality article, but rest assured that site owners and moderators are watching. You may lose your self-publishing privileges if they are constantly catching mistakes in your posts.

Read, Rest, Read Again….

I use the three “R’s” when I am writing an article. When it is done, I read it through and edit or change whatever I don’t like. I may add another sentence, delete unnecessary words or change paragraph structure. Then I let it rest. Yes, I literally walk away from the computer and go have a cup of coffee or do a small chore. When I come back, I re-read it again. If everything looks okay to me, I hit the publish button. If it is self-published, I open it and read it again, just to make sure.

Do I sometimes miss something? Sure I do, but at least I know I gave it the best shot possible to be as good a quality article as possible. Once you get a reputation for well written articles, you will also gain more readers. If you rely on page views for payments, more readers, means more money.

If you get paid a flat fee per article that you write, think of it like any other job. Employers do not hand out raises if you are not doing your job well. The writing world is the same way. There is no hope of getting higher paying writing jobs if you don’t strive to impress potential editors with what they are already seeing…and yes, they do ask to see samples of previous work when you apply for writing jobs. Be sure you have something great to show them!

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Read, rest, read, submit

Read, rest, read, submit


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    It seems there is very often a little something that has to be changed. These changes really can make a huge difference in the response we get from our audience.

  2. Donna Thacker Post author

    Yes, I often find phrases I can change to flow better, or even words I can change for better key wording. It doesn’t take long to proof read and edit and we should all strive to publish the best article we can.

  3. John

    Ah, quality work versus quantity… It’s better to write slowly with precision and accuracy than to write faster with an empty information that is full of typos! I think is a waste of time!

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      Yes, when people write fast just to get them published, they are only hurting their self. The key to a good writer is quality, quality, quality!

  4. Gina M. Menorca

    Thank you . you are absolutely right. Truthfully, It just that I want to write really, and I believe that if I want to become a good one I have to be with good and experienced people.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      We are here to help. Have you checked out the Weekly Writing Prompt and the Writing Buddy programs in the forums? I will also be posting writing tips from time to time. The first step to being a good writer is having the desire to write and it sounds like you already have that.

  5. Gina145

    I’m very fussy about checking that everything I publish seems correct and will proofread every article I write time and time again. Sometimes I think I overdo it, but I can’t help myself. I’ll even proofread this comment before I push the blue button, because I HATE typos.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      It is good to be very fussy and make sure you are publishing quality articles. Nothing makes a site look worse than it being full of articles with typos. Thank you for being so “fussy”!

  6. Jacky Hughes

    Excellent. I am taking time to check my articles and publishing less because I want to make them the best.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      That’s the key Jacky! A site with good quality articles on it, is much more credible than a site with a ton of sloppy articles full of typos. Many sites died simply because the article quality was so bad. We are striving to fill Blog Bourne with great quality articles. It will take all of the members to help us out! Thanks for being determined to publish your best!

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      You do a good job. Just think how awesome you would be if you didn’t “work in haste” LOL. Keep up the good work!

  7. Tania K Cowling

    Great article, Donna! It’s so true about checking your writing especially with work-for-hire jobs. If you don’t do your best — you may be suspended from that company. I love your motto — read, read and read.

  8. Vickie Ewell

    One of the interesting things I’ve noticed at my blog over the years is that if I publish a post too quickly after the prior one, the prior one won’t get as many views. Writers often think the more I can publish the more money I can make, but that really doesn’t hold up in the real world. I love the fact that BlogBourne is so focused on quality. That is the major reason why I decided to join.

  9. Donna Thacker Post author

    Yes moving forward BB will offer more writing tips and ways to help improve the quality on the site. Focusing on quality will not only help the site, it will also help the members as BB earns the reputation of a quality, trusted site.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      Don’t sell yourself short! You are doing a good job. These are tips to help all writers improve. It doesn’t matter how good a writer is…there is always reason to read tips and strive to improve. Once a writer thinks they do not need to improve…well, that is not good, lol. It is the same in anything…always room for improvement.

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