Yahoo Mail Alert Message


Hello again “BB” buddies! What a pleasant day! Maybe you notice that I am not being here for some hours, it’s just because I have been busy with my other online extra racket.

Anyways, I just want to share you something else. I received an email earlier in my yahoo mail saying that someone tried to log in with that email of mine, when I read the email, it’s stated that the unknown person who tried to log in using my email is from United States (if someone here from this country, please I don’t mean to offend you).

My concern here is how come that someone else from another country knows my email? Isn’t it too dangerous? Do I need to scare for? I actually received this alert email several times already and every time I am receiving an email, it is from another country.

I don’t remember as well that I used my email to make an account under the name “Jaybie”. I changed my password too, and I put my phone number also for security purposes. Is there anything I need to do to secure my email address? Receiving this warning emails made me alert, to be honest. I have a lot of important details and emails in my inbox here so I can’t afford to lose it.



  1. artislee

    hi there…probably you have used your email in other sites? anyhoo, it’s what hackers do. they hack. frequently change your password 🙂

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