Yellow flowers- a short story

It was that chill winter evening with the merger of clouds hovering here and there and touching at the shoulder. Yes I am talking about posting at the place on my first posting after completion of education. I was excited about that place and have heard about it and continue to find the best possible presence out there. It was one of the most favored and most anticipated place as it is one of the hill stations and a smaller one and does not know by outsiders except the natives out there. There is no train line as well no other trends of movements except the bus services. During that times bus services are nice and most of these are government owned and that presents probably one of the most outstanding movements of transportation that comes with time.

I sat just the behind of driver’s seat which is at the higher altitude and does provide excellent frontal view out from there. There are enough coolness out from there as well as enough forms of wind correspondence in and out of there and provide one of the most amazing forms of journey. Prior to that I have no good in attending the buses due to the presence of railways and flights available to various places from there I am in. This place which I am reaching to one of the most interior place but due to the presence of large number of ores these locations become highlights which are other wise altered forms of places, mostly unwanted in most times.

Ten kilometers prior to the place. Begins the forms of hill road which is locally called as ghat roads and these places continue to provide one of the most outstanding greener environment which we urban people most times difficult to find. I find these places are the mostly the one of the most stupendous peaceful place on earth. Slowly, the part of hill road begins and these are mostly stiff hill roads with continuos ride and most of these roads are stronger but it seems to me slightly narrower though am not quite sure about it as for the first time I have been riding within these places and these are my first experiences.

I was looking for the driver who has been continuosly moving the steering wheel with great power and the movement of the steering wheel with such an enormous amount of force requires to survive in these hill terrains. In between I have seen the presence of small yellow flowers here and there, and from the distance of the entire hills look like yellowish cover and that makes the entire journey seems enchanting and beautiful to watch out from there. On one side I could see the presence of enormous hill and the other side which can be visible from the door out there is the possibly enormous dungeon out there and all these seems to provide the sense of safe at the same very moment the sense of danger straight out from there.

Journey continues, as the stretch of ten kilometers road appears to be the stretch of more that one hundred kilometers due to slowness of riding off bus which is natural considering the geological presence of hill road. Journey continues.


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