Getting Old but Young at Heart

When we were born, we are mandatory (by the very nature of our existence) to grow old… it’s not volitional when we are growing up.



Growing old is like hitting a wall and everything hurts. We feel different when we were young, the gleam in our eyes is as brilliant as a diamond and it hurts when hits by the sun knowing it’s a fluorescent lamp! We may feel heavy waking up in the morning, but haven’t been 1000 kilometers away from your place. The odd thing getting old is you have a list of all doctors to attend to your ailing body. You are really messed up because you even try to understand you forgot the time that your children got married and in their mid-life. Que Horror!

It’s not a surprise that our body finally reaches its potential, even our body and mind doesn’t go well, we are finally having a hard time things to get it right. As the body is tired, every waking hour is looking forward to a tiresome evening, though you just missed your favorite newspaper as old as 50 years ago peering to an odd title “100 years ago and so on.”

Ah, it’s time to rest on a rocking chair with swollen knees drinking lemon, reminiscing about certain things, about those mistakes in our life. Regret that can’t be undone that added to your old gray-hair physique playing the false teeth until you get tired of thinking and sure enough your snoring can be heard along the Pacific Ocean.

I guess, this is one thing that is too much to bear for old people doing the minimal workout, especially with the knee problem, it’s hard to move around and bending can be unbearable that you almost like to sit all day than doing this!

Of course, there’s always a remarkable crisis, especially when sanity is on the line, I’ve seen and witnessed it for many times. I’ve seen how awful it is telling you things 60 years ago that I wasn’t even born in that year! Looking at their eyes seems so sad and heartbreaking, they wanted you to hear them, feel their loneliness though they have big houses and everything. 

It’s not an option getting old, it’s inevitable and the only reason you get old, it’s because the only option you’ve got is to live.


Photo Credit: PIXABAY





  1. puroypoi

    The thought that someday that we will going to be old makes me worried especially upon reading your post, I can’t help to imagine what lies ahead of me should I reach another twenty years from now.

    1. John Post author

      Well, puroypoi, just keep on living… We have no other option, really!

    2. Gil Camporazo

      As long as we live, we grow old. But there are people how never grow old for they die young.

  2. Bojel

    That thought of me sitting on the rocking chair and just watching my favorite TV series. So I need to buy CDs or DVDs of my favorite series.

    1. John Post author

      Lol, I thought you are contemplating about many things, but instead you buy some more of CDs and DVDs of your favorite series!Life! Lol!

    1. John Post author

      Hahahaha… Can’t say we stop contemplating on some or many things… But we will be… making a lot of doing things to remember… ehehehe

  3. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    Life isn’t easy for anyone. Take it day by day and enjoy life. I tend to look on the bright side of things but it took me years to understand that life is all in the way we see it. If we choose to see the good we will.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    I would like or beg to disagree that growing is “mandatory”. It is the nature of a living creature like the human as he advances of his age, he grow old. The cells on his body are also getting old.

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