Your Hand In A Simple Ways

The hand is the most sensitive part of a human body. it is significant in our sense of touch and feeling, An important outlet of our minds. The hands are a prehensile instrument.  A materialistic appendage of the body. It has the ability that can feel large microscopic molecules. A machine itself made by pulleys and hinges because of its formation of bones structures.

Hand has also a meaningful effect in our daily life. With our hands, it can evoke emotions that can satisfy our soul. The presence of hands gives us the sense of perfection, It gives us the satisfaction in working, the preparedness in conveying our message, the pride when we crafted things, the joy when we touch our loved ones, the experience of one’s personality.

Hand language or sign language

A hand language or sign language is primary to help the deaf people to understand and relay their message to the world. A conversation that is widely used even to a very normal people. A good lecturer often uses hand gestures to emphasize a point. It is believed that we are born to speak with our hands, an observation derived from a child.



Tactile experience for children

Children are learning through tactile experience. Children are very loving in nature. The uses their sense of touch to express their feeling and to learn things that surround them. The sensation a hand provides by touching stimulates the brain and therefore a child remember the feeling and by having an absorbent mind it is believed it will be remembered when they step the next chapter of their life.



A soft caress
It a gesture of gentle touch with love and care we give to our love ones. It either by an embrace, a soft pat on a shoulder, cuddling a baby, fondling a dog or a kitten pet, it is to show an affection. A gentle loving care from a mother when her child is in pain or crying. A touch to a kindness to a person we just meet on the street.

An artist masterpiece

The artist uses bare hands to create a beautiful masterpiece that adorns our churches, houses, and all the places. We don’t need to be an expert to sense the presence of hard work, the passion an artist exerts in every masterpiece. The piece of wood that show the wavy edge, the painter’s glide of brush, everything that is imperfect is perfect because it depicts on human behavior that evokes deep aspiration to transpire the magic of imagination.



  1. Tania K Cowling

    An intense article about a body part that we may take for granted. Thanks for a good read. 🙂

  2. Jacky Hughes

    Hands are amazing! Did you also know only a really good artist can draw hands properly?

  3. Gil Camporazo

    I don’t know if I am wrong for I am not convinced that hand is the most sensitive part of the human being has. Hands could be considered the means of delivering a message. Hands speak several languages, actions, etc.

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