Yuck, What Is That Smell?

Have you sat beside someone and wondered what that smell was? Boy have I had that experience one to many times. I have been at a doctor’s office. Someone sat beside me. I got up and moved. As I couldn’t take the smell. Sometimes it happens in a grocery store. Or waiting in line to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Other times it happens at home. As I have a teenage boy that I need to tell to wash his clothes. As his room will stink from dirty socks. Or my daughter because she wears the same pair of socks for whole week. After stomping through the muddy water.

I do not like to smell. I like to have good hygiene. This is something I press to my children as well. Since I believe in being cleaned. Plus, being a Christian. One thing I tell them is Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It is something I learnt from my from my mother, who learnt from hers.

Ways someone can have poor hygiene
1. Bad breath
2. B.O. body order
3. Dirty hair
4. Sneezes without covering nose and mouth
5. Coughs without covering nose or mouth
6. Never washes hands after using the restroom
7. Spits when speaking or eating
8. Crust in eyes
9. Has food stuck in between teeth
10. Sloppy eating habits
11. Always dropping food when eating
12. Leaves dirty tissues lying around
13. Digs in nose in public
14. Removes food from teeth with fingers or hands in public
15. Spits on floor

I can remember as a teenage a bus driver having really greasy hair. She was heavy-set. Sometimes had a body odor. Kids who sat in the front seat would not like sitting there when she had body odor.

One year, all the kids on the bus got together and brought in different hygiene products. We placed them in a box. Presents to the bus driver at Christmas time. She started crying. She thanked everyone who pitched in to bring something in. As she said her spouse had been hurt. He wasn’t working. She had the only income. Where she was trying to keep the bills paid and food for the house. She had not be able to buy hygiene products.

This taught me to never judge someone because they smell. You never know what they are going through to be that way.

This also taught me to help others without being asked. Never wanting anything in return.

Challenge : Write about bad hygiene, body odor or ways to prevent o get rid of bad hygiene / body odor.


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  1. IcyBC

    I am super sensitive to cologne or perfume! It gives me instant headache and the smell lingers for a long time.

    I once worked with a girl in third grade, and her body, hair, and clothes had a terrible smell. Since I could tell that she was neglected and hadn’t had a bath in a long time, I tolerated and reported to the principal so he could properly addressed the problem with the social worker!

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I get migraines from strong scents of perfume as well. My grandmother was the same way. Not sure why but seems to be passed down. As my daughter is the same way.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Oh Sandy, I cried reading the end of this post! It’s so true that you don’t know the story behind someone’s hygiene. A lot of people judge,but I think it’s wonderful how all those students pitched in to help.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Oh I am sorry. I didn’t mean for the story to make anyone cry.

      I shared the story to show that we never really know the reason behind the lack of hygiene. For people not to judge before they know.

      It was a life learning lesson.

      I wish people didn’t judge so much.

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